TRITAC Training Is Live!

Thank you to all the new users who have registered so far! And thank you for your patience as we iron out all the kinks. We’ve been hard at working building this website–creating courses, adding new content, categorizing, and organizing our massive amount of resources… it’s a lot of work! Having personally had a hand in building this site, I can tell you with confidence that it’s a goldmine of information. If your passion is martial arts you’ve come to the right place. The wealth of knowledge here will give you great new insights both on and off the mat. The videos we’ve put together over the past three years show an enormous amount of tips and techniques. As a TRITAC blue-belt myself, I often got caught up watching videos when I should’ve been building courses. Okay, so maybe we would’ve gotten this site done faster had I spent less time watching training videos… but, hey, it’s addictive! I’m sure you’ll feel the same way once you dive in to our extensive library and realize just how much there is to explore.

Here at TRITAC HQ, we’re not only focused on martial arts. Sure, we use the martial arts ethos as a catalyst for daily growth. But our primary goal is bettering ourselves so that we may help others. We do this by training hard, and encouraging one another to pursue our passions. I fell in love with TRITAC because of those very concepts. Forget ego. We’re here to help each other grow. That’s what makes the TRITAC Community so great–and that is exactly why we’ve built this site–so that we can extend our community to anyone online who is looking for a tribe. So look no further. You’ve found your tribe and we’re happy to have you.

Like I said, building this website is a lot of work, and is still very much a work in progress. So if you’re having any problems or think of a way we can do something better I want to hear from you! I encourage you to participate in our community forums, send me a direct message, or e-mail me at We’re focused on building the very best we can for you, our Tribe.

Nate Faulkenberry
TRITAC Academy Web Developer

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