3 Drills To ‘Protect Your Bubble’ | Basic Self Defense Training

The bubble principle is one of the most important concepts for overall self defense training. It applies to any form of combat – from Jiu-Jitsu, striking arts and weapons combat. It’s a stupid simple concept that can instantly change how you approach ‘self defense’. The bubble principle IS self defense.

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In this TRITAC martial arts video, Matt Bryers goes over one of the most important concepts in all of martial arts / self defense / hand to hand combat, whatever you want to call it…. The Bubble Principle.

Here’s a breakdown of the drills:
00:00 – 01:37 – Flow Preview – Focus Advanced Footwork & Hammer Strikes During Drill
01:38 – 04:01 – Bubble Principle Overview – ‘In My Space’ Defense Drill
04:02 – 07:12 – Protect Your Bubble Drill With Conversation And Fighting Stance
07:13 – 08:19 – How To Use ‘J Footwork’ To Protect Your Bubble (1:00)
08:20 – 10:59 – Preemptive Strikes Drill When Facing Aggressive Opponent (2:40)

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