3 Punch Combo [Jab Cross Hook] To Single Leg Takedowns [MMA Flow]

In TRITAC Martial Arts, it is vital to understand all ranges of combat, including how to enter into grappling range for takedowns… just like MMA. The difference with TRITAC is that we like to train martial arts like there are No Rules.

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In this TRITAC Flow video, you will learn how to integrate the Jab Cross Hook 3 Punch Combo with our Frame 4 Entrance (sometimes called Cross Armed Guard) into a 50/50 clinch in grappling.

From the 50/50 clinch you will off-balance your opponent by combining a pull and back step to setup a snatch single leg takedown.

We review 3 variations of finishing the single leg takedown. Either bully them over, trip backwards or trip forwards.

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