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The TRITAC Flows Course give you the training that develop your skills in no-rules empty hand combat. The Flows blend Grappling, Striking, & “No Rules Combat” into Combative MMA Skills. Each lesson will contain an element of striking, entering, countering, escaping, etc. New Flows Added Weekly!

W3 to Osoto Gari [Combat Flow]

W3 - Knee Knock Ouchi Gari [Combat Flow]

W3 Ouchi Gari To Ground [Combat Flow]

W4 - Flows [Combat Flow]

W4 - Head Push - Kimura - Escape - RNC [Combat Flow]

W4 - Head Push - Armbar - Escape Armbar [Combat Flow]

C1 to W4 to Straight Armlock [Combat Flow]

W5 - Flows Lesson [Combat Flow]

Internal Hammer - W5 - Kata Gatame - Osoto Gari [Takedown Flow]

W1 - Grappling - Pummel - Ogoshi - Armbar - Escape [Combat Flow]

W1 to Kesa Nage to x4 Arm Submissions [Combat Flow]

W1 to Kesa Nage to 4 Arm Submissions [Combat Flow]

W1 - Kubi Nage Otoshi - Arm locks - Shoulder locks [Combat Flow]

W1 - Straight Armlock - x3 Side Control: Straight Arm-Locks [Combat Flow]

W1 - Kubi Nage - Kesa - Armlock - Americana [Combat Flow]

W1 - Ogoshi, Kesa Nage, Kubi Nage to Straight Armlock [Combat Flow]

W3 - Ippon Seoi Nage [Takedown Flow]

W2 - RNC - Standing Arm-Lock [Weapon Flow]

W2 - SHARPIE - RNC & Shoulder Lock [Weapon Flow]

C1 to W3 - Ippon Seoi Nage / Side Control Escape to Tani Otoshi [Combat Flow]

W6 - Wall Combat Takedown Flow [Combat Flow]

W7 - Combat Flows & Frame-Flow [Combat Flow]

W8 - Combat Flows [Combat Flow]

W10 - Flow Lesson [Combat Flow]

W2 - Kouchi Gari - Leg Lock [Combat Flow]

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