Throws & Takedowns Pack

Throws and takedowns are an essential element of any grappling art. Some arts completely ignore ground grappling, while others ignore the standing components.

The THROWS & TAKEDOWNS pack explains in crucial detail how to execute these simple-yet-effective techniques for Grappling, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense

With the THROWS & TAKEDOWNS PACK, you’ll learn how to off-balance your opponent, setup controls, and throw them from a variety of positions.

In the Takedown Grappling Pack, you will learn how to:

Leg Sweeps: Learn leg / foot sweeps, trips and reaps commonly found in Judo or Japanese Ju-Jitsu

Setups & Controls: Establish grips and controls to throw your opponent in gi, no-gi, wrestling and MMA

Sacrifice Throws: Take your opponent down with a variety of sacrifice throws

Sambo-Fusion Throws: The core of this pack, learn multiple ways to take your opponent off their guard, and off their feet.

Hip Throws: Learn to toss your opponent with a variety of hip throws influenced from Judo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, and Sambo

Aiki-Jitsu Takedowns: Learn takedowns and controls from small joint manipulation and upper-body controls using Modern Aiki-Jitsu / Japanese Ju-Jitsu Takedown Defense Learn to defend against takedowns and throws for Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Self-Defense.


Uchi Mata- Leg Control Takedown Uchi Mata – Foot Sweep Uchi Mata – Ankle Pick Osoto Gari – Leg Hook Osoto Gari – Outside Leg Reap Sambo Fusion – Fireman’s Carry to Footlock Falling – Judo vs Jiu-Jitsu Pinch Headlock Setup & Overview Kubi Nage Otoshi – Arm locks Kubi Nage Otoshi – Shoulder locks Shoulder Throw Against Cage Tackle Defense – Head Push Takedown 42+ TECHNIQUES…AND MANY MORE! New techniques added every month, so as the PACK grows, so do YOU!

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