How To Make Your Self Defense ‘Ruthless’

Self Defense Instructor Showing Technique

The ability to defend yourself in a life or death situation isn’t about knowing a shit-ton of martial arts techniques for self defense.

True power in self defense comes from your mind.  You must have a willingness to go further than your attacker.  You must be willing to die to survive.  There is no giving up or tapping out – this is your life that is on the line.

The common mistake that most martial arts students make when they train, is that they don’t bring any emotion into their martial arts.  Or they mistake erratic, fast-paced movements as emotional content (Bruce Lee, see below).

When you train for real self defense, you have to unleash the beast…. with control.  You have to allow that life or death feeling to arise in your belly and provide you power in your training.  Learning to control, manipulate and use this powerful feeling is one of the keys to survival in the worst possible street fights, muggings or random attacks.

In this TRITAC video, co-founder John Leabo is demonstrating a punch self defense technique.  But what is really cool is how John brings his emotion into his training.  You can see his approach to self defense survival mindset – all the while keeping t under control so he doesn’t kill his students 🙂

One of my favorite Bruce Lee scenes (there’s a lot of favorites) is from the beginning of Enter The Dragon when Bruce Lee is spending time with his young student and talks about ’emotional content’.  Check it out here.

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