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    Failure on responding to a closed helpdesk ticket, wasn’t today, but I noticed it today. Fixed it this time around as user reported a new issue using the old ticket.

    No gym today, but more active, had to walk between my office and the forestry building 3 times for a conference.

    Interesting Discussion with Derek today about gym time and personal time.

    • What was the discussion about?? 🙂

      • I had made a comment about trying to find the proper balance about getting over to the gym and time for other things. Back when I was trying to get over there 3 days a week every week for Jiu Jitsu i eventually burned out doing that, my other commitments and finding time for relaxing and socializing.

        We were talking about it would be nice if it were easier to wake up in the morning and get over to the gym and get it out of the way to leave more time in the evenings. I had said for “time for myself” Derek pointed out that the going to the Gym was for myself.