Punch Defense & Response Technique To Takedown | TRITAC Combatives Flow

Learning how defend against punches is one of the biggest “problems” to solve during martial arts training.

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In this TRITAC Flow video, you’ll learn a basic punch defense technique and respond with your own punch and takedown counter.

During TRITAC flows you will go from defending different attacks, such as punch attacks, and then “flow” into a response, like returning fire with our own punches, or taking your opponent down.

In this TRITAC Flow, you will learn these following self defense techniques and applications:

00:00 – 00:15 – TRITAC Flow highlight / review
00:16 – 00:49 – How to defend the cross punch with a parry and jab back
00:50 – 02:00 – Punch defense drill (parry cross, return with jab)
02:01 – 05:00 – How to get the underhook after you defend punch and return with jab punch
05:01 – 07:05 – How to attack the guillotine choke after the punch defense to underhook control
07:06 – 10:43 – Escape knee on belly after the head push takedown
10:44 – 11:48 – Full TRITAC Flow Review: Cross Punch Attack, Parry Defense, Return with Jab Punch, get the underhook, attack the head push takedown, finish with knee on belly, escape knee on belly with the deep half guard single.

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