The ‘Secret’ To Body Lock Takedowns + 2 Submissions (Kimura + Choke)

The real secret to the body lock takedowns is all in the clinch and how you attack the hip socket with your body lock..

In this TRITAC-Jitsu lesson, you will learn how to pummel and them establish the body lock control to 2 takedowns from Kobukai Jujitsu (Japanese Jujitsu) and 2 submission finishes – a kimura and leg scissor choke. This TRITAC Flow is a great way to develop confidence in how to attack a body lock takedown and have the submissions skills to finish your opponent.

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The body lock is one of the most powerful controls in all of the grappling arts. You see it all in applications of grappling from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sambo and all wrestling variations.

It is also one of the most powerful takedown controls in MMA as well. Wrestlers have been dominating in the UFC with the body lock (especially against the cage) since the days or Mark Coleman, Dan Severn and other MMA wrestling / takedown legends.

It provides supreme control and gives you many opportunities to take your opponent down and then dominate on the ground.

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