Top 2 Takedowns And 2 Sweeps With Reverse Kimura Lock

The Reverse Kimura lock is a very powerful 2 on 1 control that originally was used off of a Russian Tie to setup a cool sacrifice takedown.

But as we explored this grip more, we found a lot of uses.

One of the unique adaptations of this grip was interweaving our forearms into our opponent’s to TRULY make an unbeatable grip.

From this grip was started to attack 2 major takedowns, the snatch single takedown and the sacrifice throw with the reverse kimura lock pinned to the hip.

One of my favorite attacking positions on the ground is the knee shield half guard, because it feels like ‘wrestling’ to me.

In these next TRITAC videos, you will learn how to connect your takedown game with the reverse kimura lock to your half guard sweep game with the same plus variations of the reverse kimura grip.

The first video goes over the lock itself and a variety of takedown options

The next Reverse kimura lock, shows how to apply the snatch single takedown to a knee shield half guard sweep with the same lock. It feels very similar to a arm drag from half guard.

The video goes deeper into the setup of the grip along with the hand positioning details based upon how you want to attack.

Here is a great TRITAC flow that combines the Reverse Kimura Lock from Half Guard To Sacrifice Sweep To Kesa Gatame (with underhook) To The Scarf Hold Escape

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