Top 3 Waki Gatame Attacks For BJJ, MMA Or Self Defense [TRITAC FLOW]

The Waki Gatame is considered a traditional arm breaking technique from Japanese Jujitsu / Aikijutsu. From there it is seen in Judo, Aikido, Karate and many other forms of martial arts. In TRITAC-Jitsu is a great concept that can be used in all methods of grappling combat: sport BJJ, MMA or life or death self defense situations.

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The Waki Gatame is a concept of an arm lock or elbow break using your armpit. It’s a very powerful technique, but takes a great deal of practice and repetition to become efficient at.

When we look at modern combat, we know that the setup / entry is the key to the technique. ‘Old School Martial Arts’ aren’t wrong our outdated, they just require the solid / realistic training methods that develop usable skill-sets for beyond the dojo.

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