The Powerful Kote Gaeshi – Wrist Lock Takedowns For BJJ | MMA | Combat

The Kote Gaeshi (Wrist Lock Takedown) in Japanese Jujitsu / Aikijitsu / Aikido and all Japanese Martial arts is a very POWERFUL concept of small joint manipulation, but understanding how to use it properly in self defense or even MMA takes practice.

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The Kote Gaeshi is a great wrist lock takedown for BJJ and MMA and of course self defense, but the truth of it is that it takes time to develop.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you learn in this jiu jitsu technique video:

00:00 – 05:23 – The Kote Gaeshi CONCEPT – Aikijitsu Wrist Twist Takedown
05:24 – 08:51 – How To Attack With Kote Gaeshi With Basic Footwork And Control
08:52 – 10:39 Importance Of Footwork In Kote Gaeshi – Aikijitsu Technique
10:40 – 13:01 How To Make Kote Gaeshi More Combat Effective

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