6 Elements You Need For Martial Arts Success

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How do you get your martial arts training in?

Do you train at a local school? With a dedicated teacher?

If yes – awesome. The ONE thing I know I did right was find the right instructors for the skills I wanted to learn.

Some of those teacher have been lifelong friends and mentors.

Some of them where in my life for a period of time, but had a profound affect on my martial arts growth.

Here are a list of some instructors who have helped me grow as a martial artist and a good human being. (I won’t hate you if you skip this part)

Matt Bryers Martial Arts Teachers

Coach Jim Day – Wrestling coach who introduced me to the grappling arts. I wrestled varsity my first year and got smashed. But he helped me grow and learn to ‘fight out’ of bad positions.

Shihan Wali Islam – The first man to ever beat the living shit out of me “If you don’t try to knock me out, I WILL knock you out”, yet taught me how to hit, how to be tough, yet humble & respectful.

Shihan Russ St Hilaire – Someone who I consider a true mentor in life. Once I discovered Kobukai Jujitsu with Shihan, I knew I was ‘home’.

Shihan Kenji Fujiwara – A legend in Kyokushin and one of the most ‘powerful’ men I have met. Both in spirit and hitting strength. I only spent 2-3 years of training with Shihan, but we became fast friends and I opened my first school at his dojo.

Luigi Mondelli – Luigi introduced me to BJJ and taught me the principles of guard that I still use today.

Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa – The man who gave me my BJJ black belt and someone who taught me the beauty and grace of BJJ. Will always remain my professor and a very important person in my life.

Andy Norman / Grek Fenollosa – I came to Defence Lab to learn the concepts of “smashing & entering”. Soon it became more and I learned a lot about martial arts business.

John Leabo / Mike Simon – John and Mike taught me how to make DL / Keysi truly combative. Without working with them TRITAC would not exist.

There are many other teachers that I’ve had throughout the years and still train with today.

But, what all of these instructors shared in common was that they provided me with a path and guidance to achieve the next level.

If you do NOT have a teacher – how are you progressing to the next level?

If you say YouTube or my coaching videos / DVDs … I hate to break it to you my friend; but that’s not enough.

If you say that you’ve reached X level of martial arts and you don’t need a training partner or teacher anymore … awesome … I am happy that you have achieved that level of greatness.

If you are serious about martial arts training and improving your skills – you need 6 things to be successful.

The 6 Elements You Need For Martial Arts Success

1. A partner(s).

2. A place to train.

3. A plan to follow.

4. A designated day / time to train.

5. A way to track progress.

6. A teacher to guide you and hold you accountable.

Without that formula, there is limited chance for success.

If you are serious and you need help with any of those 6 elements – check out the TRITAC Tribe Program.

It ensures that you will find success in your training while getting the support of a teacher.


Matt Bryers

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