TRITAC Punch Self-Defense Training Drill

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In this Self Defense Training video against punches, Matt Bryers from TRITAC-Jitsu demonstrates a great drill to defend against punches. This self defense drill is essential for martial arts training.

When training martial arts, it is important to ensure that you do live self-defense drills to enhance martial arts training skills such as: fighting footwork, punch self defense, head movement or boxing slipping and martial arts striking.

Most people ignore these types of self defense drills when Martial Arts training. But, if you want to be a complete martial artist, you need to train all aspects of self-defense in order to make your martial arts training effective for real life self defense.

You’ll also notice that we are using focus mitts to develop the self-defense skills in our martial arts training. Learning to use the focus mitts is also vitally important in your martial arts self defense training.

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