Day in the Life: TRITAC Martial Arts, Fight Business & Matt Bryers

At TRITAC Academy, we’re going to try something a bit different. I (Matt Bryers) am going to start documenting some aspects that go into developing TRITAC as well as running a successful martial arts business.

Part of that is the development of the TRITAC Martial Arts System and Media Channel (YouTube). We have big dreams and hopes for TRITAC, and this is one the ways we’re going to start experiencing this journey.

PLEASE – any feedback or comments – let us know!


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  1. Hello Matt Bryers
    I am looking for updated information to continue the pursuit of realistic self defense. I have ran a competitive Judo – jujitsu dojo for over 25 years in Pense Saskatchewan Canada as a coach, since competition was out, after breaking my neck in my late teens. I am a black belt in Judo. I also train the Japanese Jujitsu recently promoted to 6th dan. I had cross trained in BJJ briefly attaining a blue belt. I am now 64 years old but still enjoy coaching. I would really appreciate guidance in setting up a quality self defense school. I came across your you tube teachings and became very interested. I am now fully retired from the Judo circles but believe strongly there is a real need for genuine self defense and Bully Proofing my students, especially my “younger students”.
    I will give a rather out dated web site address of our club but it will give you an idea of what we are about.
    It is my hopes to get further educated in your training programs and perhaps in time have you or one of your representatives do a seminar in Pense Sk Canada for us, with your expenses looked after etc. I am a business owner as well and will give the business website address too.
    I look forward to a response concerning long distance training methods to augment my self defense classes since that is my full focus now. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am on face book. My name is Raymond G Martin.