TRITAC Martial Arts Training Camp 2019 Cromwell CT HL

The TRITAC Martial Arts Training Camp on October 11-13 was the premiere martial arts seminar(s) for combat focused martial arts.

Get the full-camp DVD & Online Course Here:

Never before has TRITAC offered so much training in 1 weekend. 20+ hours of training and now you get to experience and learn all the TRITAC ‘Golden Nuggets’ with this 5 Disc Series. Here’s what you’ll learn:

TRITAC-Unarmed – Defense, Attacks & Flows
TRITAC-Jitsu – Entries, Takedowns & Reversals
Movement & Solo Drills – The foundation of TRITAC & Essential Drills
Ground Combat – Escaping worst positions
Combat Guard – How to fight off your back easily
Knife Defense – Defend 71% of all knife attacks with one more
Soft Force Weapons / EDC Bracelet – how to use flexible weapons against knife and aggressive attacker
Tomahawk & Stick – Explore the stick and tomahawk for fun!

Experience and Develop Next Level Combative Skills With The TRITAC Development Camp DVDs & Online Course.

TRITAC Camps started with a group of like-minded and combat-focused martial artists, who came from different martial arts backgrounds and integrated ‘what works’ into training skill development drills… which are now TRITAC Flows.

These camps RAPIDLY increased the attendees combat skills… and now it’s your chance to get the same result.

Training is focused on no-rules, real life scenarios where you have to fight for your life and survive in the worst possible situations.

Each camp has a skill-set focus learned through a series of flows to ensure that you will remember and retain what you learned.

The Camp DVD & Online Course is your opportunity to get the same high-level training from TRITAC.

Get the full-camp DVD & Online Course Here:

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