2 Basic TRITAC Flows And Mitt Drills

TRITAC Flows are the ‘secret’ of TRITAC. It’s the most effective way to drill many martial arts techniques together into one … flow that mirrors the way a fight CAN happen.

The purpose of TRITAC Flows are to develop certain skill-sets. For example, in this flow the students are working their basic front-line defense, and then firing back with a smash & enter combination: Straight Punches, Hook, Descending Elbow to Clinch.

The flow has two outcomes – either a front headlock takedown (be sure to check out our Front Headlocks Choke Series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufWDDqpk7DU

Or finishing with a body hook, inside leg kick and cross.

If you like these TRITAC Flows, check out our FREE Intro Course where you can design your own custom flow here: https://tritacmartialarts.com/course

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