TRITAC-Unarmed: White-Blue Belt

Learn A Devastating Closed Quarters Combat Striking System That Will ‘Smash’ Through The Most Aggressive Attackers…

Gain the Fundamental to Intermediate skills in the TRITAC Unarmed System. Learn everything from Frame Defense, Hammers, Hacks, Knees, Kicks, Elbows, Ground Escapes, Knife Defense and More.
The ultimate unarmed street combat system.

Designed for “anything goes” street violence – TRITAC-Unarmed is a hand-to-hand combatives program that will prepare you for the unexpected.

TRITAC-Unarmed teaches the vital techniques and tactics necessary for street self-defense situations, allowing you to respond accordingly to multiple opponents or opponents with weapons should a situation ever arise.

The White To Blue Belt Curriculum is the cornerstone of TRITAC-Unarmed. 80% of your hand to hand combat skills with come from this curriculum.

A TRITAC-Unarmed Blue Belt is truly prepared to face the unexpected and fight, survive and win.

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  • 11 Lessons
  • 58 Topics