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TRITAC-Unarmed: White-Blue Belt

  1. Grab Defense Series
    5 Topics
  2. Hammer Series
    6 Topics
  3. Punch Series
    4 Topics
  4. Kick Series
    6 Topics
  5. Frame / Elbow Series
    6 Topics
  6. Slip Series
    8 Topics
  7. Fundamentals Series
    6 Topics
  8. Clinch Fighting Series
    5 Topics
  9. Shielding Series
    4 Topics
  10. Ground Escape & Controls Series
    5 Topics
  11. Knife Defense Series
    3 Topics
Lesson 3, Topic 4
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Punch Series Training Template

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Theory:  Human Template: 8 Windows, 8 Doors, 2 Door Knobs (Fingers Kill)

Soft Force: Step & Drag in 4 Directions, Lunge Footwork

Physical Force Block 1: Jab, Cross, Jolt

Physical Force Block 2: Short Hook, Long Hook

Physical Force Block 3: Over, Uppercut

Burn Out Between Rounds: Jab Cross from Conversation to Fighting Stance-10x Both Leads

Push Up: Walk back 2x, Walk forward 2x do one push up 10x

Technical Sparring: One Person Punch’s (Isolate Punch) the other person Slips

Dynamic Sparring: Anyone Can initiate and use any punch

Scenario: At the Counter- Two Opponents